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"What Was" by Vic Dillahay (CD, 2023)

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With the 10th anniversary of Curious Automata coming up in March of this year (2023), I think it's time to clear out the archives a bit. This is a collection of misfits, whose tone didn't match the projects for which they were intended. Also, in the spirit of moving on, all the tracks on this album are released under a Creative Commons Attribution license so anyone can use them as they see fit.

"Broken Tree" was improvised after my favorite shade tree was split in a late spring storm in 2017. It was previously released as a rough cut for my Bandcamp subscribers but it's much prettier and has been edited for time here. It still captures my somewhat perturbed mood as I waited to see if the tree survived.

Tracks 2-12 were all recorded during the two sessions for 2018's "We Were". Those were during the end of my marriage, so they were a bit of an art therapy project as I went through a divorce. For the original album, I decided to lean toward the positive tracks, so the remaining ones here have a bit darker tilt. It's odd listening to myself vent musically years later but I do find my angrier-than-usual playing interesting.

I hope you enjoy these moody leftovers, and thanks for listening.